manga studio is my waifu

manga studio is my waifu

super late birthday present for

i am the best at birthdays and am always on time yes

tracebass Asked
QuestionYou mean there are MORE places to get MORE fixes of awesome Hummingbird/Muggy shiz?! SIGN ME UP BRUHHHHH (but srs keep doing your gud shiz 'cause it gud <3 ) Answer
but of course ;))))))

and thank you very much <333

it happened again

i dropped some markers on a page today and this happened

  1. Camera: iPhone 4
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/17th
  4. Focal Length: 3mm

i was asked to draw junko by several friends so i did
here’s a junko

i ended up channeling a bit of gashi here i feel

i have no regrets

Questionvanilla kun Answer

mariah i’ll kill you

Questionjk ur not gay ily (n-no homo) Answer

i’m not going to kill you

today at least

Questionur gay nerd Answer

cas i’ll kill you

onimode Asked
Questionwhy is there no character based off of me Answer

i can only fit so much gay onto a canvas

some ttgl-crossover shit
featurin atokniiro!kamina and trilby!yoko (

rip my cpu

QuestionIn your comics, is there going to be shipping of characters >u> Answer

i don’t know, is there? ;DDDD
my webcomic is now actually a thing OOOOO:

it’s also on tapastic if that’s your preferred comic reading platform:

prowlex Asked
Question22, 33, and 42? Answer

22. Blair (my surname), Muggy, Muggs, Nerd, Faggot

33. hard to say exactly, probably the day I found out I got into the university course I wanted to get into on the first round of selection

42. yea I’m fine